Bagging Machines From Roan And Other Brands For Sideweld Bag Making And More

Bag machines are used to create a wide range of packaging products. This type of equipment seals material—most commonly some form of plastic—to create a tightly seamed bag or pouch that can then be used to contain all matter of substances and items. Bag machines must run efficiently and reliably in order to serve an overall manufacturing or production process. 

Based upon the specific packaging needs, bag machines with additional parts and attachments can be used to create a wide variety of seaming and structural configurations in the packaging material. The bag making process may include the seaming of bottom seals, three-sided seals, side welding and more. It may also involve embossing, folding, static control, hole punching, perforating, and sealing. Through the addition of the right bag machine parts, a range of different bag configurations and customizations can be easily and quickly implemented into your packaging and bagging process.

Find Sideweld Machines, Bottom Seal Bag Making Equipment, And More

We can easily provide you with bag machines, bag machine parts, and other bag making equipment from the industry’s leading brands for example Hudson Sharp, FMC, Roan, Scheldahl, GEC, Gloucester CMD, Amplas, Arvor, Nippon Flute, Peeco, FAS, FinKon, and Fentech. 

The bag machines we offer include new and used sideweld bag machines, bottom seal bag machines, and many other types of equipment. We have the machinery for pouch, t-shirt, side seal, and bottom seal bag making—which seals the bottom of the bag running in the web direction. We can provide you with wicketers that seal and stack bags in groups for products like auto-packing bags, bread bags, newspapers bags, and other types of packaging. We can provide separators that are meant to be used with bottom seal bag machines and can separate and stack perforated bags of all sizes. 

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Here at Plastic Machinery & Parts we serve as a dealer to the dealers for bag machines and other equipment. Whether you are looking for new or used bag machines, parts, and attachments, or you want to sell one of yours, we will use our dealer network to help you source the best machinery for your process and offer to others. We can also help you sell your outdated or current equipment models, giving you an economic and streamlined way to upgrade to more efficient machinery that produces higher quality bags at greater speed.

When you rely on us as your bag machine and parts supplier, you’ll get access to high quality, competitively priced bag making equipment from across the globe—new and used. We can also provide comprehensive service and support for brand name machinery directly from our New York headquarters. 

Serving As A Single Point Of Contact To Buy And Sell New And Used Bag Machines

When you want to save time, money, and get more options when it comes to buying and selling new and used bag machines and parts, then choose us as your single point of contact. You deal with one source and still get access to a full network of suppliers, both domestic and international. To get started, let us know what bag machines, parts, and attachments you’re looking for, or what equipment you would like to sell by completing the contact form here on our website.