Liquidation (PMP) Liquidation sales are privately negotiated sales between a willing buyer and a willing seller over a defined time period. Our staff of experienced professionals are ready to assist in the liquidation of a full plant of equipment or an individual piece of machinery.. We often recommend this method to our clients when we feel the assets being offered do not lend themselves to a traditional auction sale. Full plants can be sold as ongoing business being sold with your sales book as well or sold separately. Our expertise in the flexible plastics industry lends itself as a perfect situation to navigate the market and provide the best advise available.

The ability to attract buyers is paramount to the success of any liquidation. At PMP, we often "team" with industry experts to locate proven buyers (dealers and end users) in order to maximize our effectiveness in liquidating equipment. This, combined with our mailing list of proven buyers from our auction sales, gives us a distinct advantage over most of the competition.

PMP prides itself on providing "hands on" service for each liquidation. All liquidations are managed by a principal of the firm who is available seven days a week to discuss the status of the project, address any concerns or just answer questions.