Appraisals - Global Marketplace, United States, Canada and Europe

Plastic Machinery & Parts (PMP) specializes in appraising and assessing the market value of inventory, machinery and equipment, intellectual property and full enterprises at the manufacturing and wholesale/distribution. PMP Appraisal services has many professionals located in key cities around the United States, Canada and Europe, who serve the global marketplace. 

You need to obtain financing, you want to sell your business, you need to confirm your insurance is adequate? We will help you get it right.

PMP Appraisal Service customers are principally members of the financial community (i.e., asset-based and commercial lenders, private equity funds and investment bankers) who must rely on the underlying value of certain business assets as collateral for loans and investments.

Plastic Machinery & Parts Appraisal Services are unique among appraisers in that it uses the asset disposition experience of other PMP business units, previous sales and current market conditions as a basis to confirm asset values in the most accurate way possible.

PMP offers informative asset and inventory valuations and appraisals for the Flexible Plastics Industry

  • Orderly Liquidation Value
  • Forced Sale Value
  • In Place Value
  • Fair Market Value

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