The Single Contact You need When Sourcing High/Low Density Extruders

Manufacturers of various flexible plastic products need plastic extruders to melt and mix plastic and create a film that can then be converted into a useful product. An extruder is essentially a pump that’s used in the production of flexible plastic. After being combined through a blender, pellets of raw plastic material are placed into the extruder. With the introduction of heat, the pellets are melted. The extruder then pumps out the material to a blown film die or profile die, which then shapes it into a plastic film or product. 

The film is then cooled and/or solidified, and if required for the specifics of the end product, will enter the downstream extrusion equipment. Here, the plastic film may undergo various forms of printing preparation, application of adhesives, inking, cutting, shaping and sealing for film manufacturing, and other types of treatments and processing.

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Low Boy Extruders 1.6in - 2.5in
2.5" AMERICAN KUHNE Low Boy Extruder
Low Boy Extruders 1.6in - 2.5in
2.5" Prodex Low Boy Extruder 50 HP
Low Boy Extruders 1.6in - 2.5in
2.5" NRM (Davis Standard) Extrruder Model PM IV
Low Boy Extruders 2.6in - 3.5in
3.5" Davis Standard Extruder
Low Boy Extruders 3.6in - 4.5in
100mm (4") Kiefel Extruder air cooled 200HP 24:1 L/D

Source New And Used Plastic Extruders For Sale

When you’re looking for new or used plastic extrusion machines for sale, we serve as your single source. We can provide new and used plastic extruders to meet with a wide range of manufacturing requirements. The attributes of your end product determine the type of extruder that will best serve you in terms of size, output, and other equipment specs. 

The types of plastic extrusion extruder equipment we offer include high boy extruders and low boy extruders. Low boy extruders have a centerline height of twenty-five inches from the ground. High boy extruders have a centerline height of seventy-two inches from the ground. The density of material you wish to process also is a factor in the type of plastic extrusion machine you will need. In the case of high-density materials, like a high-density polyethylene, a specialized, high-density extruder with a grooved feed-throat would be used to successfully manufacture plastic film. A high-density extruder can also be used to process low-density materials, however a low-density extruder can not be used to also process high-density materials.

Serving The Extruder Needs Of Your Industry And Process

We serve the needs of any industry that requires the production of flexible plastic products, from agriculture and food processing to automotive and medical manufacturers among many others. We supply new and used plastic extruders to satisfy a wide variety of manufacturing needs. 

We work closely with our customers to help them identify the best extruder for their product and production needs, and help them make the most cost-effective, high value purchase available. We offer expansion and replacement parts, including extruder fans, heating elements, barrels, screws and all manner of additions needed to maintain and upgrade your production capabilities. We also provide plastic extrusion equipment repair, rebuild, replacement, and other support services. 

Why Choose Us Over Other Plastic Extruder Suppliers?

Other plastic extrusion equipment suppliers may only be able to supply you with one or just a few brands and machinery models. When you choose Plastic Machinery and Parts as your single point of contact for all your flexible plastic manufacturing equipment, you get access to a very comprehensive supply of equipment from the globe’s most trusted names in equipment manufacturing. 

We can readily provide new and used plastic extruders from Alpine, Davis-Standard, Techflow Design Manufacturing, Gloucester Engineering, GEC, Macchi, Battenfield, BGE, Kuhne , Egan, Johnson, Keiffel, W&H, Carvahlo, NRM, Dolci, Union, and many others. We also offer all matter of downstream equipment, parts and support services, giving you an efficient way to get everything you need for a more productive manufacturing process.

Our extensive experience and our vast network of plastic extrusion machine suppliers gives us unique capabilities when it comes to addressing and serving your needs. Used extruders available through us can be shipped from our New York head quarters the very same day. Orders of new extruders typically require three to four months from specification through delivery. We can offer comprehensive shipping capabilities worldwide. When you’re ready to source new or used plastic extrusion equipment, contact us and tell us more about your production needs.

You can call us or visit for details on the parts, accessories, attachments, and other products that we provide for plastic extrusion, converting and other manufacturing equipment.