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The high volume manufacturing process in which raw plastic material is melted and formed into a continuous profile is called plastic extrusion. This process is handled by a variety of plastic equipment, capable of producing different plastic products including plastic film and sheets, pipe/tubing, thermoplastic coatings, weather stripping, fencing, deck railing, window frames, and wire insulation.

Plastic Machinery & Parts (PMP) has been servicing the plastic extrusion and converting industry for many years, providing the plastic industry with new and used plastic equipment with parts, supplies and service. PMP’s world-wide network of machinery manufacturers, suppliers, dealers and agents provides you with all of your production options whether it is new or used machinery that you need. PMP offers a complete line of plastic extrusion and converting equipment with representation for new plastic equipment as well.  

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Web Width
Rewind Roll Diameter
A wide range of flexible packaging laminates can be produced on the LAMIFLEX series laminating machines including BOPP, PET, PE LDPE, OPA, Cast films, PP, AL foil or paper using solvent free
850 / 1100 / 1320 mm
1000 mm / 1000 kg