Used Machinery For Sale To Suit Your Plastic Manufacturing Needs

Used machinery is an economical and efficient solution for manufacturers in the flexible plastic industry. The used equipment we offer includes converting and extrusion equipment, such as dies, winders, and other machinery used in the process of creating and modifying plastic film. 

Plastic extruders take raw plastic or resin pellets, and combine, emulsify, and extrude them into a film. Plastic converter equipment then converts the film into a useful product. Converter equipment includes folders, bag machines, laminators, printers, and many others. Used machinery can complete this process just as well as factory new equipment, typically with a considerable reduction in price and with less time required for specific units to be available. 

We sell used equipment that runs the full gamut of flexible plastic manufacturing, from the initial production process to creating a finished product. Our customers range from small, independent producers of plastic products to large-scale, global manufacturing companies. If you are manufacturing flexible plastic or converting plastic film into a usable finished product, we can help you locate used plastic machinery that suits your specific production needs. If you’re ready to update your process, branch into new products, and serve new markets, we can help you source machinery for your entire production line or help you identify and purchase one single, specific piece of machinery at a time.

Working Through Our Network Of Used Machinery Dealers

Thanks to our capabilities and our vast network of used machinery dealers and buyers, we can help with all aspects of the flexible plastic equipment sourcing, buying, and selling process. Apart from complete used machinery, we can help you when you need parts and components pertaining to all aspects of production. 

We can also provide service and technical support if you require repairs or assistance in identifying machinery improvements to better reach your production goals. Whether you need to swap out a production element or upgrade an entire unit, we have the expertise, experience, and capabilities to serve your plastic manufacturing needs.

Used Machinery Options That Meet Your Specs

When seeking used machinery for sale, you have many choices. You’ll have access to a selection of machinery that’s for sale as-is, without inspection. You can also come to our facility to perform your own inspection or survey the machinery in operation. We can provide inspection services, as well as refurbishment, repair, and rebuilding of used plastic machinery. We can also provide all replacement parts and components needed for refurbishment and repair of used flexible plastic machinery. If you’re looking for used machinery liquidations, or assistance transitioning from older equipment to newer, without the factory price, we can present you with a range of options that meet your specs.

Used Machinery In NY, NJ, And Around The World

We are located in New York and can provide expedited services in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic, and parts of the Great Lakes region in the United States, but we also buy and sell equipment worldwide, serving many international customers. We can complete service visits across North America and can put you in touch with our international service people for repairs, inspection, and other services across the globe.

Services For Used Machinery Buyers

When you call us for used machinery, let us know about your end goal for your manufacturing process. The nature of the flexible plastic you’re producing or using to create your end product, as well as structural qualities of that product itself, will factor into the type of machinery that will deliver the best results for your needs in the most economical and efficient manner.

We are focused on providing new and used machinery for flexible plastic film production and conversion into useful products. That is our dedicated market, and as a result, we’re uniquely positioned to help manufacturers in this industry. We have a large network of buyers and sellers of machinery used in all stages of flexible plastic production. We also have longtime relationships with other distributors, manufacturers, and suppliers of flexible plastic equipment. If you’re looking for used plastic machinery for sale, we have a vast selection of equipment that is ready to sell. If we don’t have the machinery you require, we have the capabilities to efficiently source it for you thanks to our network. We serve as your single contact, saving you time, energy and cost in your sourcing process, leaving you free to focus on your job instead.

When you’re ready to move forward, fill out an RFQ or call us and let us know what you’re looking for so that we can provide you with a quote and start the sourcing and order fulfillment process.