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Roto Jet hot solvent Parts Cleaner Model RJ-3B

Roto Jet Parts Cleaner Model RJ-3B hot water/solvent cleaner 275 gallon S/N NAA 1855 11-13 Turntable width 50? and height 38", runs about 160 degrees F, 460 Volt 59 Amp foot print about 7' x 6' x 7'H Mfg 2014 still installed can be seen running


Parts Basket I.D. 50" Working Capacity - Std. Height 38" Working Capacity Std. Load (higher available) 1,500 LBS Height from floor to bottom of Parts Basket 36" Solution Capacity 275 GAL Wash Pump Motor 10 HP Pump Capacity - Flow x Manifold Pressure 180 GPM x 60 PSI Wash Jets 18 Turntable Drive Motor 1/3 HP Heating Capacity ( 2 x 12 Kw ) w/Adjustable "Probe" Thermostat 24 Kw Std Power 230V/460V 3Ph 60Hz 208VAC and Overseas Power Avail. 3P 230V-84A / 460V-42A Vapor Exhaust Stack (nominal diameter) 12" Fresh Water Inlet for Auto-Fill x Main Tank Drain Outlet 1/2" NPT x 2" NPT Weight in Pounds 3,900 LBS.

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Roto Jet hot solvent Parts Cleaner Model RJ-3B
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