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50.5" Robinette 2-color, Flexographic Inline Printing Press
50.5" Robinette 2-color, register print, flexographic inline printing press. Age 2003. Printing speeds up to 1500 FPM. 19" to 51" repeat range. Model 101 tail printer. Stack printer with split frame. Allows better drying, easy cleaning. Individual clutch on each color station with helical gear on plate cylinder, impression roll & anilox roll. Water-based inks. Timing-belt driven. No gear train. Quick change, easy access printer. 51" wide idlers, 4? dia. Has nip roll which is air-loaded. Gearbox with reversing. Manufacturer?s brochure indicates 1+1 printing. Electric motors for constant rotating ink. (2) registration motors, push-button, each print station, registration can be controlled. Has air cylinder pick up separation of rubber roll, anilox roll & print cylinder. Air-loaded dancer system inline & 2-roll automatic edge guiding system for edge guiding the web going into the printer. Allen Bradley AC drive motor. 460 volt, 3 phase, 60 cycle. Marathon Black Max AC motor, 10 HP, which drives printer. 53.5" wide, 8" dia. chrome-covered impression cylinder. (1) 51" wide, 5.16" dia. print cylinder. (2) 50.25" wide, 6.75" dia. ceramic anilox rolls. (2) 50.25" wide, 6.75" dia. rubber pickup roll, ink roll. Tension unit with dancer helps to control the speed. Tension unit is 65" wide. 2-roll web steering system is 58" wide. Has BST Ekrpro Com 4 controller. Electric motor for automatic edge guiding of web going into printer. Air-loaded rubber nip roll. Includes (2) pans & (2) covers. 3? thick side frames. 1/4 circular pitch gearing for print cylinders.
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50.5" Robinette 2-color, Flexographic Inline Printing Press