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54" Retroflex K Series HD 2-color stack flexographic printer
Retroflex K Series HD 2-color 54" stack flexographic printer to fit inline. New 2011 Machine originally designed to put inline with a tuber. Printing on kraft paper. 54" maximum web width. Maximum print width, 52.5". Maximum mechanical design speed, 500 feet per minute. Mechanically set up 27" to 43" repeat. Former owner was using 27" and 43" repeat. Gearing, 1/4 pitch, Water-based flexo ink. Mechanical registration capabilities, +/- 1/64". Servo drive & motors. Includes dancer assembly. There are (2) servo motors, one per print station. Ceramic anilox roll. 57" impression roll, chrome-covered. Pneumatic throw off of print cylinder & impression. Has constant rotating ink. Manual side registration. Air-loaded rubber nip roll assembly. 2" thick side frames. Air-loaded dancer system with 57" wide idlers. diameter aluminum idlers. Anilox to plate roll nip & plate to impression roll nip are pneumatically loaded. Side-lay adjustment for side-to-side registration. Has automatic printer impression on / off. Has roll nip on / off; allows tension between the deck one and the dancer to be isolated. Factory was closed and printer was moved to warehouse. When printer was moved, owner misplaced two doctor blade assemblies, print cylinders & drives. Original specs are available. Original manufacturer can sell new drive system, two new doctor blade assemblies & two new printing plates. When purchased in 2011, approx. cost was $220,000US. Machine is in very good mechanical condition.
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54" Retroflex K Series HD 2-color stack flexographic printer