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6" Davis standard Cascading Reclaim Line

Complete Tandem 6" Davis standard Cascading Reclaim Line - New 2008 Designed for post-consumer and industrial reclaim, it has oversized horsepower, filtration and devolatilization capabilities and output of up to 3500 lbs/hour. The cascade consists of two 6" - 27:1 L/D ratio extruders. The first Merrit extruder has 600 HP - has ram stuffer, water cooled and uses a Finic 500 Melt Filter for filtration. A Maag Melt Pump feeds a transfer pipe to a "shower-head" die, which extrudes strands downward through a devolatilization chamber. This can be at atmospheric pressure under vacuum for hydroscopic material that needs to be protected from moisture. The second 6" Merrit Extruder 27"1 L/D Ratio -water cooled - 200 HP Motor - and is vented to allowing final clean up of volatiles. BD Plast Slide Plate Screen Changer - Model BDD 150-200 (Italy) and the Filtec Pelletizer/Spin Dryer - Model VSP 3600 (rated at 3600 lbs./hour) - also made in Italy.

Can be inspected under power in plant!

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6" Davis standard Cascading Reclaim Line
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