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Pressure Tester

Pouch Bag Leak Detector
Package and bag testing is essential for ensuring integrity during packaging development, machine setup and quality control. Pin holes, channel leaks and improper sealing all present challenges for leak detection in flexible packaging. The tester helps our customers perform clean, dry, non destructive and non subjective leak testing on a variety of flexible package types. Custom leak test systems for packaging are also available. non-destructive leak detection techniques for pouches and bags for use in the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and medical industries. Vacuum Leak Tester Air Leakage description - ASI Seal Integrity Tester Test Chamber is Heavy Gauge 18mm Thick Transparent Acrylic Air Supply Pressure Required: up to 0.5 Mpa, 50 psi Vacuum Capability: up to 89 Kpa, 12 psi, 25? Hg
Pouch Bag Leak Detector
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