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35" Gloucester One Color, flexographic printing pres
Gloucester 35" Model 801, single color, flexographic printing press with single position unwind & single position center rewind with film turnbar inline. Has been used for printing film & other products. Also used as a rereeler. Turnbar on wheels. 35" web. 33" print. Single position unwind. Safety chucks on unwind. Air-operated, air-cooled brake. Air-loaded dancer system on unwind. Web aligner. Automatic edge guiding system for guiding the unwind +/- 3". 40" diameter rolls. Next inline after unwind is pull roll section with web turning system. Driven nip with dancer which is air-loaded. .5 HP motor. Dancer helps to control speed of pull roll drive motor. Can turn the web. The section is mounted on wheels and can be moved out of the way. Next inline is single color print station. Air-loaded nip system. Was printing with water-based inks. One 11" diameter solid print cylinder. Print station has air cylinders which move anilox & rubber roll away from print roll when it is stopped. Automatic throwoff. Print station has air motor which turns anilox roll when printer is stopped to ensure that ink does not dry. Constant rotation of ink. (1) pan. Lateral registration control. Manual side register. 36" wide, 4.3? diameter chrome impression roll. 34" wide, 3.5" diameter chrome anilox roll. 34" wide, 3.5" diameter rubber pick-up roll. 10 pitch helical gearing. After web has been printed, has air blower, set up on 110 voltage. Also has heat guns which blow air onto the web to assist with drying the web. Has clutch on print station to allow disconnecting of the print station. Former owner would unwind & rewind and flip the web and not print at times. Single position center rewind, 40? diameter rolls. 3 HP variable speed motor on rewind. DC drive set up on 230 voltage. Print station has 1 HP Reliance DC drive motor. Repeat range on printer, 9" to 36". Unwind & rewind shaft are 2" diameter with tapered chucks for 3" to 5" cores. Idler rolls in machine are 2.5" diameter, steel. Durant mechanical counter. Manufacturer's brochure indicates mechanical speeds up to 400 FPM. Former owner was printing with water-based inks, operating at approx. 300 FPM. Machine is capable of printing film, paper & laminates.
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35" Gloucester One Color, flexographic printing pres